YouRiding - Surfing and Bodyboarding Game

YouRiding - Surfing and Bodyboarding Game
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Release date
15 September 2022
Steam reviews score
73 (23 votes)

A realistic surfing and bodyboarding game. Play for the top spot of the ranking at real spots like Kirra in Australia or Supertubes in Portugal, create your own waves and share them to the community, or play against other players in 16 surfers bracket competitions.

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YouRiding - Surfing and Bodyboarding Game system requirements


  • OS: Microsoft Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4590 / AMD FX 8350 or higher
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 960 / AMD Radeon R9 290 or higher
  • Storage: 3 GB available space
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I'm not refunding this game, because I want to support the creation of new surfing games. Having said that, this is the first game I've bought that my computer cannot handle.

I can play games like Battlefield 5 on max settings with ray tracing and everything and I never have any issues. With this surfing game (which looks quite bad), I was hitting 2 frames per second at some times. I have no idea what is going on, but the optimisation of this game is terrible. I cannot recommend it in its current state, since I have a pretty beefy computer.

Anyway. Big fan of the old Journey game and the old rip curl search game.

I miss Kelly Slater Pro Surfer so much it hurts my soul.

nevis ツ
nevis ツ

As soon as I saw this game on steam I bought it purely for the nostalgia and because I wanted to support the devs. After a couple hours of messing around on the game, here's what I think.

The good:
- Overall, I believe the graphics and waves are an improvement from the mobile and browser game from back in the day. There is definitely room for improvements though but I believe the devs will continue to improve it.
- The wave creater is so sick. I put in most of my time creating waves from my local area. Its crazy customizable and is the most fun I've ever had playing a YouRiding game. I hope the devs continue adding more things to the wave editor (double up sections, back-off sections, environment stuff like piers, rocks, etc.)
- Having everything unlocked and infinite lives
- Camera angles (There are SO many)
- Controller compatibility. Big improvement from the browser and mobile game

The bad:
- The worst part about this game is that it lacks a chase. In The Journey we had a full fleshed out "story" mode, where we started in California and had to beat each waves objectives to unlock the next wave. Then, at the end of the region, there was a "boss" we had to beat in a surf comp to unlock the next region. Slowly while progressing through the game we unlocked new tricks and new customization. I think we should keep everything available to us for freeplay and multiplayer (boards, tricks, etc), but please make a story mode (honestly just copy and paste The Journey into the game) as a separate mode, where we have to unlock waves/regions to progress. Make it so that every time we complete a waves objectives we earn in game currency to buy new boards, wetsuits, fins, leashes, etc.
- This kinda goes with the above point, but it was super realistic when California would be super small but over at skeleton bay it'd be pumping (realistic swell windows). Honestly I hated how I had to wait a couple days for the one spot to be good, but if they added this feature as a hard mode that'd be sick.
- Bugs and performance issues. You'll definitely run into some random things.
- The XP progression. I put this in the bad because there really is no point in it since we have everything unlocked. Like I said add in the story mode!

I have nothing to say about multiplayer because I didn't play it and I never did on the old games either. What could be a cool concept to add is a "tour" mode, where we have to play ten locations from the tour and battle out the top pros (Jon Jon, Kelly, Gabriel Medina, Felipe Toledo, Italo, Griffin Colapinto, etc) in a comp like format for each location.

I think this game has a lot of potential. I would love to see this game improve and cannot wait to see what the devs do with it.


This is a really fun surfing and body boarding game. The tube rides are great and the controls are easily learned. The best thing about it is that you can make your own waves and ride pretty much an endless number of spots. Totally worth getting.


Loved the original The Journey game, this is a great representation of bodyboarding (and surfing) there are so many great features already with loads more on their way. Keep that stoke alive!


Awesome game! I had the original version and loved it but was bummed when it went offline. This new version is great, awesome graphics and effects like wave spit are a step up. This game is way better than the WSL one which is awkward and lame by comparison. This game surfs more realistic with flow and generating speed through manoeuvres etc. Looking forward to better multiplayer function where you can watch your opponents waves as well to feel more interactive. Create your own wave is a fun function as well. Keen to see how ‘The Journey’ comes back and evolves as well. Love it but beware, highly addictive for surfers! 😅


Needs work.
IF you can create the Account.
The emails I kept getting where all HTML for Dummies crap.


sick if your into this stuff my controller didnt work tho devs say they weill try fix it

Shorey Banks
Shorey Banks

wave editor is not recognising any of my changes??


If you are a bodyboarder or surfer get this game, its addictive and great fun.


I remember playing this back in the old web browser days. That YouRiding was The Best, this steam version though is lacking (v0.0.20). But after my first wave, I know this game will be loved. It feels real riding the wave and puts your mind in a surfing mindset which I want from a surfing game. I bought the game yesterday, surfed jbay for a bit then surfed the real jbay later that evening with only my dad and myself in the water. I tell you from playing this game earlier, i was so keen to get into the water, and when i was up and riding, I was ready for anything, takeoff - section - WHACK - section - PITTED - stoked


absolute dogshit, the old school online youriding was seriously 5000000 times more flowy and better looking, get a clue guys dont buy this piece of shit


Just THANK YOU for making it revive !
The game is in developpment but we have regular updates.
Solo, multi and you can also create your own waves ;)
Soo cool to play again...
GG guys, the best surf and bodyboard game !


Honestly very disappointed in this remake. This used to be an insane game on browser, hundreds of waves to play not 10, a good competitive scene not 5 people that have for some reason dedicated time to it, smooth to play and tricks that worked (forward spin on the boog doesnt even work)....

I bought this thinking, this is going to be a mad throw back maybe i can top some leaderboards again and its not. Dont waste your time or money. The fact that you guys are charging for this is a joke really, it was better as a f2p browser game. Sorry Devs but if you read this rethink your game plan take this down and fire up the old youriding that was the gun 10+ years ago. The game looks cool but the ui dosent cut it let alone the lack of waves to play and wacky controls that have been implemented.

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