Hero Zex

Hero Zex
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Release date
3 December 2021
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46 (26 votes)

In a world with a prophecy where the "Blue Haired Hero" will defeat the Demon Lord, A kingdom is attacked by demons... Just then, "Zex", captured as a prisoner is lucky and escapes. His fate greatly changes from this moment...

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  • OS: Windows® 7/8/8.1/10 (32bit/64bit)
  • Processor: Intel® Core™2 Duo


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Windows PC
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Not amazing, but acceptible. The dice-based gameplay seems entirely silly at first but in the end i enjoyed it.

Crashes seem to be due to a bug in MS DOS (Yes, that ancient) that fills memory buffer. Once it starts crashing, it will continue to do so until you restart your computer. With this workaround, its playable.


No, it's a roll a dice and see where you land. Potions and vendors are random, enemies are tough and worst yet... poison. Land on a trap, get poisoned, then enjoy going in to a fight with 1 hp, lose and start from the very beginning of the map again - fun (sarcasm).

A Wonderful Snow Fox
A Wonderful Snow Fox

rolling a dice makes everything tedious even moving is just spamming space to move across a town and takes 10x longer than it needs to, board has mario party esc spaces for some reason of gain coins and lose coins? Zex's attack is roll a dice and see what happens....


Game Length: 2-4 Hours somewhere
Story: A Sequel to their previous game "Demon Lord Jill"? Although Zex barely gives more dialogue for
story progression improvement
Gameplay: RNG + Preset gears? At least you have a couple of recruitable teammates. Very player leniency
as well
Art: Same artist as "DML Jill". Great. Censored. Patch required.
Grand Total:

-Game is ok but definitely an improvement from "DML Jill"
-You actually get a bit more variety of items to use...barely from the previous title mentioned.
-Gears are preset, gold is used for surviving dungeons.
-RNG Combat + RNG dungeon explore....I mean not very RPG but a board game aspect? So it's odd but works i guess?
-Games a bit pricey, had potential but was made with a lot of lackluster. There is a lot of combat management which makes it interesting but just missing a lot of core elements so overall I can only recommend this game for CG Hunters. Grab it now if you're in a hurry or pick it up on a sale. Not going to be missing out too much.


I liked the game, the dice mechanic was something different. If you don't like dice rolling then this game isn't for you. Best to stock up on 7 dice roll consumable items to make your lifer way easier.


A little short RPGMaker game with an interesting dice-rolled gameplay. Story is funny and easily understandable. Scenes are easy to get but the dialogues seem pretty repetitive for the same content. Though they have good animations and voice acting, it feels a bit weird to me somehow. Anyway, I enjoyed my ride. Hope to see more upcoming titles with better quality from the developer. Thank you. :AmyHappy:


the game is glitched out when you beat a boss there is a chance to receive a message stating 'your party has been destroyed' at the end of your win. which causes the game to restart you to the beginning of the map. from there you make it all the way back to the end except the game wont allow you to go onto the boss square anymore making it impossible to finish the round.

JaXX Dragona
JaXX Dragona

game board field with movement based on dice rolls to navigate each position on the board with specific stat , item or events pros or cos, turn based battle with main characters skills based on dice rolls, plenty of lewd cgs with animated scenes when entering specific event. personal i like this style of h-jrpg game thumbs up from me