Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth
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Release date
25 January 2024
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91 (6 095 votes)
91 (3 164 votes)

Two larger-than-life heroes, Ichiban Kasuga and Kazuma Kiryu are brought together by the hand of fate, or perhaps something more sinister… Live it up in Japan and explore all that Hawaii has to offer in an RPG adventure so big it spans the Pacific.

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  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: TBC
  • Processor: TBC


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If you enjoyed Like a Dragon 7 you'll probably love 8.
Combat received minor yet meaningful improvements. Enemies no longer interrupt you while moving towards your target, there's higher focus on AoEs due to the addition of minor movement during combat and clear outline for attacks. The combat buffs received from party bonds have higher weight this time around with combo attacks, chain attacks and down attacks, as well as skill inheritance from alt jobs.
The story is solid and at points extremely captivating, it does suffer from minor pacing issues, notably in the first handful of chapters, but quickly picks up and keeps going.
Sub-stories, minigames and management games are all back with DonDoko Island and Sujimon being the stars of the show this time around, with surprisingly developed systems for what ends up being simple distractions in the grand scheme of things.
In any case, as said before, for Yakuza fans it's a no brainer and if you were put of by the pacing of the turn-based combat of 7 give this one a try as it is way faster.


I wanted to have given this a 10/10 from the first 30 minutes I played.
I should have given this a 10/10 after the first 50 hours.
I need to give this an 11/10 after witnessing the ending just now.

It improved in every single mechanic from the previous game, and it manages to integrate so many of Kiryu's real time mechanics into the turn-based system at the same time. Everything about this game is worthy of praise, but most of all, the love they gave to the whole saga before this game. It really rewards you for being a longtime fan.

I could write dozens of paragraphs of praise for every single element I loved, but I'll just keep it short. As a Yakuza fan since Yakuza 2 on the PS2, this is the best Yakuza game on every level. As a fan of turn-based RPGs since the 90's, this is the best turn-based RPG I've ever played. As a fan of videogames since forever, this game stands tied with Elden Ring as my favourite games of all time.


Better than like a dragon 7 but I would have liked a shorter main story. There were many segments in the game that could have been cut in my opinion (for example: Sujimons, some substories, required fights etc)

Overall, I did enjoy playing the game despite some of its problems.


Like A Dragon 8: Let the Dragon Rest, please

Improvement from 7: MP gain, combo attacks, better AI pathing (because on 7 the AI moves kinda weird and sometimes stuck if there's something in front of their path), Segway and gain easier personality stats.

What I didn't like: the dungeon design, Hawaiian Haunt and Yokohama Underground, so bad. It's just square-corridor. When you want to combo attack, but your allies stay too far from your proximity ring and there's no way to call them near you.

Time for NG+, kyoudai.


So much to do this is probably one of my favorite RPGs in terms of fun of all time and easily one of the best RPGs released in the last 5 years.

One of my favorite RPG systems ever which feels so good especially with the beautiful system that takes in Action RPG elements like Mario RPGs. (Timed button presses) It fully utilizes friendship systems (Like modern Persona but better) so well increasing their skill in battles making it easier alongside classes being awesome with stats and moves carrying over. It feels like so many things from inside and outside battles improve every little stat.

There's so much to do and its so dang good with a excellent story and quality gameplay.

- Setting is beautiful
- Fast paced RPG that rewards you for being quick
- Graphics are amazing
- Best Turn Based RPG system I've seen in years (Even better than 7)
- Colorful and Flashy fights that never get old, wacky fun.
- Soundtrack is excellent
- Awesome Built-in music player however (See cons)
- Danny Trejo
- Excellent voice cast on all languages, including great choices for existing characters never dubbed in Eng (Few exceptions see cons)
- Enemies, NPCs and certain characters speaking their native languages in Hawaii and Japan making it feel more realistic and fitting (Mostly, could be better for Hawaii in JP specifically Sujimon/Sub Stories where everyone randomly mastering speaking JP feels awkward)
- Extremely enjoyable story
- Return of many favorites to look forward to (Minor and Major)
- Friday Night and Disco Queen are starter songs
- Lots and lots of content that's for the most part, almost all enjoyable. Get lost Shogi, I never will play you on the other hand.
- Enemies levels actually increase for post game (Many games fail at this simple thing leaving you to play only certain dungeons for levels, this game gets it right)

- One little nitpick I will say is playlist should auto-continue because it does shut off way too often and having to play it again over and over is annoying.
- Kinda wished it had Gaiden's customization of outfits where you could customize part by part
- Not a major fan of everything being nerfed to area effect rather than full party but it's understandable why
- Characters can still get stuck or take time getting to the location of attacking an enemy which can cost you a free extra damage attack
- Very slow pacing for hours

Cons (Outside of DLC, most of these are minor)
- Feet
- New Game+ is locked behind DLC and DLC prices (Major issue)
- Kiryu's ENG voice is a major step down
- Dwight in JP isn't Danny Trejo and Bryce's awful Engrish when they could've used the Eng Dub lines for it
- Outside of Zhao and Saeko for Karaoke Eng Dub, the rest need be better.
- Can never get used to Kiryu's new hair lol
- Many of the great songs are locked behind 2 DLCs. That also includes If I Could Love the One I Love (Joongi).
- A specific character's hair after a certain chapter

One of the best franchises and games where I can run around with a cast of 40+ year olds and have a awesome time.
Other Turn Based RPGs should pick up on similar systems to make it more Interactive and Fun. I love Turn based RPGs and this is a gold standard for me.

My verdict is 9.5 out of 10. GOTY contender easily. If it wasn't for the poor DLC practices or very slow pacing I'd easily give it a 10.


I had a blast with this game, Its one of the best turn based RPGs ever made.
There is so much content to play and I feel like I could play this for 100s of hours without even seeing it all.
But SEGA needs to stop with the gating content behind Mtxs/DLC.


Yes, the dlc is shit. no game should lock away difficulty that was made for free in the past games worth any kind of money. but with that said.....

I loved this game . the story was fantastic from start to finish. yes, even the slow start. i was hooked by every single second. Turn based yakuza wasn't something i wasn't too sure ill like but the gameplay is actually alot more in line with the beat em up titles of the past. speaking of that. kiryu is one of the all time best characters of gaming. a figure i looked up to during some of the hardest parts of my life. To see his rise and fall is heartbreaking. But as it is, thats the way of life. nothing lasts forever so if you put up with not having hard mode, I would rank this like a five star resort somewhere in the middle of the beach. Fly on, Kiryu!


Loved this game all the way through, although I'm not sure I enjoyed it as much as I could due to being anxious about certain things going on in the story (won't spoil). Story is pretty decent, good in all the right places I think, although a few characters that I believe should have felt more impactful in the story were kind of brushed to the side in ways to make room for other elements of the story, which left me a little disinterested in them altogether.

Combat was super engaging, there are a ton of ways to approach fights with your teammates by your side, on top of proximity attacks and the usual special abilities. Kiryu's Dragon of Dojima style is phenomenal, definitely super happy with how he was balanced in an RPG style game. Now that I've beaten the game, I'll likely go back and finish Dondoko Island as well as the Sujimon sidequests, definitely looking forward to those a fair bit.

Only complaint I might have, and it's very minor, is one with the audio in the game. Often times running around areas with lots of NPCs, you'll hear the same audio clip from multiple people one after another, or even at the same time, which is a little weird. Could be worse, I suppose. Nothing to take too seriously though, doesn't take away from the game in any way.

Definitely recommend the game to anyone who loves the Yakuza/Like A Dragon series. I know I do, and I'm definitely looking forward to another installment, whenever that happens.

Big Daddy Sayyup%
Big Daddy Sayyup%

Honestly said, I enjoyed the very essence of Infinite Wealth. After 80-100 hours, I tried doing as much as I can by level farming, Aloha Link, sidestories...and I tell you there's too many things left to do that sometimes I think...sigh not worth the hours (for now).

For the story related, I enjoy (90%) of the plot. Since we are getting the closure for Kiryu and the rise of Kazuga. But on my DIEHARD opinion, I NEED MORE LOVE-SHIP between Kazuga & Chitose (They're cute together). The ending...could be more rewarding honestly...but knowing it's a Yakuza game, in general all they need is to introduce a family-related villain & need to bring-over those Legendary Yakuza to mix into the Plot twisters story.

1. The Sujimon! Gotta slave them all! Suji BATTLE!
2. Dondoko Island - Island simulator (Downside is cannot AFK farm).
3. Poundmates can't get anymore silly
4. New nakama!
5. Segway is a blessing - FF7 reference here
6. Kiryu is just...too OP. They made him weak, but progressively stronger. Our DRAGON is just, a GOAT.

1. End game is trash. When you did almost everything during the late game, NOTHING GREAT on post game. That sucks.
1. DLC related Achievement - SCREW YOU!
2. Difficulty related Achievement - AGAIN SCREW YOU! It'll take me a year or two to play back on the highest difficulty. NEW GAME + for me! Another 70+ hours again gahahah
3. POST GAME DUNGEON REQUIRES DLC - TRIPLE SCREW YOU - I adore post game dungeon especially because definitely I'll need more braincell to fight the final boss.


One of the best games I've ever played, I genuinely loved playing through everything. I would say that this should NOT be your first game in the series, play Yakuza: Like a Dragon first before anything. The experience is improved solely if you're nostalgic for any of the other Yakuza games, while still enjoyable for anyone who's only played Yakuza: Like a Dragon. It's not perfect, of course, and its story does not compare to Yakuza 0, Yakuza 6, or Judgment 1, but I found it to be one of the best experiences I've had as of late.


Gameplay and story are amazing as other reviews say and ton of improvements from previous game definitely a must play for fans, however, there are lots of minor issues that makes this game less enjoyable that the previous one.

The BAD:
1) DLC third dungeon is the same as the other two and final bosses are no even hard (finished the last boss in 3 full turns).
2) Minigames blocked behind main missions, DO NOT EXPLORE EVERYWEHRE until you reach chapter 6, otherwise you will have to do it again (I had to do it 3 times).
3) Dungeons layouts design for the three is lazy and boring, just square rooms everywhere, good luck trying to stay awake.
4) Amon fight was decent (require level 55 to beat) not even close as good and hard as the previous like a dragon game (require level 99 and almost max gear).
5) Half of the jobs have near useless abilities.

Minor things:
1) If you are new to the franchise there are a lot of memory recollections for one of the main characters if you have not played any of the previous games you will be completely lost.
2) Insufferable repetition of phrases from enemies in quick succession (wachew lukin at, take a walk as whole, deep sheet, others).
3) Levelling up two groups of people for 3/4 of the game is very time consuming.
4) Island mini game is an absolute grind fest and nothing really happens there.
5) Change outfits outside combat only possible after completing main story.
6) Some actors have good English but others like one of the antagonist "American" speaking english like Japanese.
7) Several jobs


While I wouldn't recommend starting with this game. This is definitely one of the best Like A Dragon Games. It has some flaws but they are not disruptive to the overall experience. Possibly my game of the year. It made me cry, gave me heartaches and lifted me up again and again.

Danny Seth
Danny Seth

One of the best games in the Yakuza franchise and I played all the English titles, even bought a PS3 just to play Yakuza Dead Souls. Back to the game, it's really great, full of fun activities, full of quality of life and combat improvements from the previous main title. The story is good, the map of Hawaii is ultra detailed and I loved exploring it all. I loved the dual protagonist play and really hope we'll see the protagonists working together again. Loved seeing all the returning characters and hope we get serviced like that again. Ichiban is a fun and lovable goofball in perfect contrast with the mature and serious Kiryu, the hero we grew with and all love. A trip back memory lane while also taking the story forward. Good job to RGG Studio and here's to more great games like this one.


I would say it's the second worst yakuza just after yakuza 5 if it comes to story. It feels like playing an essay written with loads of added words just to make it to 20.000 words mark. When you could really fit it in a 100 words instead. In other yakuza's, you're the badass, you follow Kiryu to his impossible quests and follow the story of being THE DRAGON. In this yakuza? some goons kidnap a child and you're crying in the corner because you're weakass 45 year old who trusts everybody and get's betrayed on every corner and can do nothing about it. I guess the word '' Yakuza '' was taken out of the title, because there's no yakuza spirit in this game anymore. The MC feels WEAK!. However, gameplay is slightly better than in first like a dragon, but there's not much improvement, it kinda feels the same. There's not much interesting fights, most of it is bash your highest dmg aoe skill OVER AND OVER AND OVER. Boss fights are a joke as well, just spam your highest dmg single-target spell. I enjoyed DONDOKO ISLAND MORE THAN THE MAIN GAME. HOW?!. Well. I'm very dissapointed. Yakuza is dead. I played every single yakuza and this is the end of it. Very sad.


I've played all the mainline Yakuza entries and this is definitely my favorite. A great story paired with terrific character work, top of the line writing, a wide array of side content, an engaging setting full of unique enemies, a significantly improved turn-based combat system, detailed cutscenes, a banger soundtrack, and incredible performances. It's not perfect, and there were aspects relating to the overall narrative that I felt could have been done better, but the complete package is nothing short of fantastic. Definitely worth a buy.

Game Genre Action Adventure JRPG
Story ★★★★★
Fun ★★★★★
Difficulty ★☆☆☆☆
Graphic ★★★★★
Music ★★★★★

Fun game really should have played more of the previous ones though. Honestly could have been shorter at least felt like it lasted longer than it should. Especially with OCD making me want to find all the icons on the map.

Ricky Da Rat Bastahd
Ricky Da Rat Bastahd

I really did enjoy my time with this game, but if you're a Yakuza fan, some story beats will leave you scratching your head or reeling in disbelief. Overall, it's a fantastic game, and all, but the writing ain't exactly the best for the series.


Neutral review,

Gameplay and content wise it is better and more generous than LAD, some of the new cast are great (Tomi, Chitose, Yamai and Eiji) but that's about it.

The story goes to the trashbin halfway through, Kiryu decides he is the main character again and my boy Ichiban gets the worst plotline for the rest of the game. Main villains are terrible (except you Yamai, you are cool) and their schemes don't even make sense, music is also way worse than LAD.

So yeah basically more LAD with better gameplay but way worse plot.


literally played thru the majority of this game with the biggest goofiest grin on my face. gameplay improved tenfold from 7, and gut wrenching and exciting story from both protagonists. literally did nothing but play this game for two weeks straight and had a dream with the battle gui. best game ever


Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth proves that RGG Studio is capable of making games still rellelvant to modern times with its story and side stories. Character Interaction has expanded by a lot with new cast as well as old one coming back for yet another adventure of Ichiban Kasuga. I have to say that I absolutely love this game and it deserves high praised as it gives a great conclusion to all of the past games and to finally begin a new series. Exploration of Hawaii was super fun and Kiryu's adventures in Yokohama was also an Interesting touch, giving new bonds with characters we already knew about but from a new perspective which I also adore how it was made.

Now here is a little spoiler tangine that I have towards three main villains of the game so don't read further if you don't want to get spoiled.

This game features three main antagonists, Dwight Mendez, Wong Tou and Bryce Fairchild (Yutaka Yamai is also there and more of him in a bit).
Dwight is a wieird of them three because he's pretty much feels like a filler to simply exist as an antagonist and his death is very anticlimactic as well, just chomped by a shark and poof, gone.
Wong Tou is barely memorable and the only thing I do remember is his Casino and the kid he has simply because of Chitose remembering that he exists.
Bryce Fairchild is a perfect dumbf*ck of the game because his motives are the most questionable of how he wants to rule everything. He specifically murdered innocent people to become a leader of the most messed up group, making up stuff just so people end each other, all in the name of protecting an island in the middle of Pacific just to fill it with radioactive dump. All of this would've been avoided if he just invested in a hole in the ground to store the waste in and I love how the secret end villain of the story just says how his plan was idiotic as well if you yourself didn't think of it. I feel like Bryce of them all was well written in a sense of being stupid.
Yutaka Yamai is also there but he hardly qualifies as a villain. I'd say he's more of a dude that's motives are of being on top of underworld game, failing and accepting his loss like a real man, I like him as a character as well as he also feels well written.

And that's pretty much all there is to say from me, good game, would recommend to people, 9/10.
P.S. I am not going to complain about paid NG+ because I already did under the master vacation bundle and so should you if you have problems with it, SEGA needs to stop with these practices and never do them ever again.


Since I picked this game up I just couldn't stop playing. The story was great. And when I felt tired of the story, I got lost for hours just doing side content or minigames. Even with my limited Yakuza knowledge, one of the best JRPGs I have played.


One of the only 70$ games that actually has 70$ worth of content. While the main story itself is not the best of RGG has to offer (it felt pretty rushed towards the end), it gets the job done. Of course the real reason why anyone plays these games is the side content, and it delivers with spades. Don't buy the dlc though.


While it may seem like there is a lot of text in the review, I have segmented it. This way, you can read only what you want.

Honest review

Note that I have only played Yakuza 7 before because I'm a JRPG enthusiast, but if you are a fan of the Yakuza series from the beginning, I am convinced that you will enjoy the game.

I have completed the game with all the achievements, and I must say that it is not a bad game. However, I feel like the game has many things to improve.

It is important to consider that this is my opinion, Famitsu has given it a score of 40/40 which means that this game is PERFECT.


In general, the story is entertaining, but by no means is it up to the level of Yakuza 7:

Ichiban’s story is chaotic and uninspiring. As you progress, you are losing interest in it. You will meet interesting characters during the story, like Yamai, and you will also see some great scenes and twists. But, you will soon realize that the main objective stops making sense. Too many things mixed up.

At the beginning of the story, a lot of importance is given to the language barrier (Ichiban does not speak English and must communicate in Hawaii). For unknown reasons, as the game progresses, everyone in Hawaii learns Japanese ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

At first, it does not seem like a problem, but it broke the immersion for me. It could have been easily fixed with anything, like implanting a language chip in Ichiban’s head that translates from English to Japanese automatically…


The combat system has improved a lot and is vastly superior to that of Yakuza 7.

While in most fights (even on the most hard difficulties) you will keep spamming AoE abilities, you will also enjoy visually stunning combos.

There is also a great variety of new jobs for your characters, and you can take the skills of the jobs you like the most to your main job (although you have a limited number of slots). This is great because it allows you to customize your character a lot.


The mini-games are extremely fun:

Perhaps the most notable ones here are the game’s own Animal Crossing (a game that I hate, btw) and also Pokémon battles (quite entertaining, lol). If the game just had Yakuza 7’s Dragon Kart, it would have been perfect…

In addition to those mini-games, you will find many more, such as a Dating App.

Exploration and secrets

As you explore, you will find enemies with a crown above their heads, indicating that they are mini-bosses. This mechanic adds a lot of appeal to the game’s exploration, as the rewards you usually receive are great.

Besides that, there are several mechanics that the game introduces, keeping you engrossed for hours. No complaints, exploration in this game is brilliant.


The post-game content of Yakuza 7 is far superior:

As you know, the base game does not have post-game content (although it has Premium Adventure), it is locked behind a DLC Paywall.

The DLC does not contribute much, only adding a new, boring, and bland dungeon (identical to the free one) and the possibility of playing NG+.

Is it worth it? Well, if you have come this far and you like the game, yes. If not, you are not missing much. However, if you want to complete 100% of the achievements, you will need the DLC


It is a good game, but the price is extremely high, for a game that is not even complete (since you are “forced” to buy the DLC if you want to enjoy everything).

In my opinion: In some aspects, it far surpasses Yakuza 7, but in others, it falls extremely short.