Persona 3 Reload

Persona 3 Reload
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Release date
1 February 2024
Steam reviews score
97 (10 496 votes)

Dive into the Dark Hour and awaken the depths of your heart. Persona 3 Reload is a captivating reimagining of the genre-defining RPG, reborn for the modern era with cutting-edge graphics and gameplay.

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Persona 3 Reload system requirements



  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-4790, 3.4 GHz
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 Ti, 2 GB
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Storage: 30 GB available space


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(note: am currently in July, opinions may change but having played FES and unlocked most existing social links I'm fairly confident my overarching feelings on Reload won't change)

Essentially Atlus Persona 5-izing Persona 3. It's a fairly faithful remake of 3 with both combat and social life mechanics brought up to Persona 5's standards.

If you've played Persona 5 and/or 4 Golden but struggled to get into Persona 3 FES/Portable due to the downgrade of quality of life features, this is the perfect way for you to enjoy Persona 3. I do wish they could have preserved some niche aspects of the game like FES's more robust tactics system, showing full turn order, and maybe be able to toggle some OST options between original and Reload tracks, but for most fans this will be the definitive version of Persona 3.

Also a great place to start for anyone who hasn't played a Persona game, despite some mechanics being lost in translation and some fairly sus social link moments Persona 3 is a story about learning how to appreciate life despite its several tragedies and the inevitable approach of death. It's a tale uniquely told by living through the day-to-day life of a Japanese teenager and making connections with the world around you, with characters managing the difficulties of the supernatural Dark Hour in the main story and the difficulties of ordinary life in the social links. As silly as it sounds it's a story that helped me look at fiction and storytelling in a new light, and I'd recommend it to anyone who's even passively interested.


This is my 3rd playthrough of a persona and 2nd review of one. Last review was of persona 4 golden which I gave a 8.5/10. This time I’m doing persona 3 reload though I will add a little bit of persona 3 portable into the review as well.(fyi my next persona playthrough and review of persona is persona 5 royal in April so stay tuned).without further ado let’s review:

Story:9/10(the story is phenomenal. The theme of life and death and related topics plays so well in my opinion to the games story. I’ll admit like every persona I’ve played the pacing can be kinda wonky and there was some padded filler dialogue BUTTT it’s great nonetheless and I am emotionally invested/attached to persona 3).

Setting:8/10(I believe the setting taking place in tatsumi port island is bland yet effective. It’s a new city it feels vibrant at first but the longer you play the less that magic to it is there. Compared to the small town of inaba which also carry’s the rank of an 8/10, inaba has a small edge in comparison because everything surrounding inaba compliments it. Tatsumi ports island only really has one area that’s fine and no other area really mattered.I still loved every minute actually being able to move around in the game unlike in persona 3 portable).

Art:10/10(absolutely stunning. Beautifully made. The use of the unreal engine was great. World design is ravishing and character designs in animated scenes and normal scenes are just great. Nothing more to say, it’s just pretty much perfect to me).

Music:10/10(portable and reload have perfect soundtracks. I genuinely listen to the soundtrack pretty much daily. Compared to 4 golden which DOES have an amazing soundtrack there are some tracks I just didn’t like while persona 3 I simply like them all. The remixes to the popular titles are funky at first but I got used to them and grew to also love them).

Characters:10/10(near perfect cast. Junpei?fun loving idiot that you hate at first but grow to love,Yukari?kind of annoying at first but the more you get to know her the more you can relate to her, sympathize for her and like her,mitsuri?she’s just perfect,Akihito?meathead who isn’t 100% dumb and has some fun dialogue,Aigis?perfect and best girl,shinji?pain,ken?pain,koromaru?WHAT THE DOG DOIN?As for the side characters, the social links while overall do lack overall value compared to persona 4 golden BUUUTT seeing as this was Atlus’s first game with social links persona 3 reload and portable have some memorable social link characters like kazushi,chihiro,maya(if ya know ya know),keisuke,maiko, AND Akinari. All memorable to me and my fav side character social links. I’ll say which main cast social Links are in the game play section).

Battle/fights and gameplay:9/10(oh look, we’re already in the gameplay section.might as well get social links out of the way. My favorite main cast social links are mitsuru(which I only did in portable,‘I’ll do hers in new game plus on reload),Aigis and fuuka. The addition of interacting with all your teammates as a pseudo social link also really made me like junpei and Ken more than I did in portable. I can’t directly speak of male social links in portable cuz I played as the male in portable as links out of the way, here’s the rest of the gameplay review:WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO the fights are fun just like in any persona game. The boss battles are fun and just as great in portable to me and also on par with persona 4 golden which has some great bosses. The hot topic though is Tartarus. I liked the concept of Tartarus in portable but I didn’t have a lot of fun being in it most of the time, i loved the dungeons in perosna 4 WAYYYY more but in reload? It made me fall in LOVE with how Tartarus look and feel. I just had a great time. Personas themselves are also great design wise and how they work. Using dlc persona’s we’re fun, I totally didn’t use sataneal to ease the grinding(I’m lying)).



Seriously one of the best games I think I have ever played. As someone who got into the persona series starting with the original Persona 3 seeing this game in a updated format with amazing gameplay and graphics is honestly just such a blessing. Highly recommend to anyone who's interested in buying it and trying it out themselves.


After beating Persona 3 Reload, I think it's fair to say that it is genuinely one of the greatest JRPG's of all time (imo). It takes everything from the original Persona 3 and makes it 10 times better while staying true to the original story. It makes the overall experience much more enjoyable and adds plenty of quality of life features that make the game feel good to play, and not feel like a slog to get through. If you have a spare $70 lying around, get this game because it is 100% worth your time with its 60-70 hour long story.


This game is really good. If a friend asks you the best game to play persona first is, it's either this game or royal for sure. There are a bit of issues with the PC port but that doesn't separate from the love that this game got from Atlus.

♡ Everess ♡
♡ Everess ♡

The Arcana is the Means By Which All is Revealed.

Persona 3 Reload is a fresh take on a game that was held back in 2006 by a dated combat system and graphics. It more than fixes both of these issues, while also remastering the soundtrack and adding a few new tracks. It's a much more welcoming experience for newcomers to the series than the clunky tactics-menu-combat of the original. While still not sporting the most beautiful graphics it is quite alright for anime-style games. The UI is beautiful, as is expected from a modern Persona game, however some transitions feel laggy despite there not being any actual lag. All in all it'll be a quite pleasant ride for 60 - 90 hours (depending on how fast you breeze through the story and/or Tartarus and how many social links you interact with).


I played this when it first came out back in the PS3 days and I loved it back then, I was optimistic but a little guarded going into this updated version, worried they may mess with mechanics or ruin something. Thankfully they did an amazing job with this remake. Very true to the original while still feeling fresh. If you’re looking for a game that’s deep and going to be a commitment, I recommend it strongly.


Just like the original, but on steroids. Fully remastered and built from the ground up on Unreal Engine, bringing the characters we know and love back to life. There are a few difference to more modernise the game, however it simply adds to the experience, not taking away anything.

Overall, it's the game that got me into the Persona series and Atlus have done it justice. Despite the high price point, i'd say it has been worth it.


Absolutely terrific, RPG perfection, basically. Atlus just can't be beat when it comes to these sorts of games. Admittedly, I prefer the palaces of Persona 5 as far as dungeon content goes, but that was my first Persona game, so my expectations were set differently. Regardless, even without the unique dungeons, the gameplay loop in this is still flawless. Everything is smooth and stylish, with a good story to pull you through it all. If you love RPGs, there is no question that this is a must play.

Gatto Nero
Gatto Nero

I love Persona 3 and it is currently my favorite Persona game out of all. I started with Persona 3 Portable, then Persona 3 FES for "The Answer". Then I bought the P3P port on my Switch. That's how passionate I am with this game.

Now, with that out of the way, here's my honest review, humor me for a bit:

I've seen many trailers of this game since last year, found out a lot of things like new and arranged music, the content compared to the original games, etc. I was kind of disappointed that we won't get "The Answer" from FES in Reload, nor we get to play as FeMC from Portable. I was also neutral in terms of the new singer Azumi Takahashi replacing Yumi Kawamura. I've heard some sample music from YouTube and there are some parts that she's good and there are also some that is quite out of place for my taste. Despite that, I want to try this game without my nostalgia blinding me to what Atlus has cooked for this remake.


What can I say, the graphics is good compared to the originals, even compared to Persona 5 Royal. 9/10


The soundtrack is GOOD on its own right. It has its own identity. It was never meant to be a "Yumi Kawamura" style, and I am fine with that. Lotus Juice spitting fire as always with the rap. "Color Your Night" and "Changing Seasons -Reload-" also slaps. 10/10


THEURGY! A welcome mechanic. It is like a "Limit Break" for playable characters that can turn the tide of battles. You can only use it when your gauge is full though, and every characters have different ways to charge it fast based on their personality. It's neat and I like it. The rest still plays like neo-Persona. There's 1 more when you hit weakness or land critical hits, and there's "Shift" that works the same as "Baton Pass" first introduced in Persona 5.

They also added some stuff during the exploration of Tartarus:
- There are some "petrified" shadows with shiny things that they're holding. Players can destroy it and get valuable materials for selling or get "Twilight Fragments" that are very important, which I will explain further down.
- "Twilight Fragments" are valuable items because you will need this to unlock special treasure chests and use the clock in Tartarus (Yep, you can't use your money anymore). You can find these fragments while exploring Tartarus, exploring the areas of the map, or by progressing your Social Links then talking to Elizabeth.
- GREED HANDS. These special shadows are addition to the existing "Hands" shadows. They will sometimes appear when you first step on a floor, and they swipe all the chests available in that current floor. The only way you can reclaim the treasures is by correctly traversing which direction the shadow went. (Yes it is random and there is no way you can know for sure as far as perception is concerned). I kinda hate this new mini-game but after I unlock the navigator's "Tartarus Scan", which skips the mini-game entirely and proceeds to fighting, I am no longer bothered by it.
- Monad Gates. There are two types of it, the first one is the type of gate that appears randomly on a floor the moment you arrive. When you go through it, you will fight a mini-boss that blocks your way to the treasures. But once you defeat it, claim the treasures, and go outside, you will have full map of the current floor you are in and the next floor, which is neat. The second type of Monad Gates are the fixed gates stationed in some of the floors with a two-way teleporter on it. Similar to the random gates, you have to defeat mini-boss to proceed, but this time, there are multiples of it, like 2-3 mini-bosses. The treasures you get here contains tarot cards, some lore documents, costumes, etc, so it's definitely worth doing.
- SHUFFLE TIME is back, but without the actual shuffling like the original games. It's kinda like in Persona 4 where you just pick the cards you want. There's also an Arcana Burst mechanic wherein when you maxed out of Arcana cards to pick, you can never pick another Arcana card for that night, but the usual "Sword", "Coin", "Cup" and "Leaves" cards will be upgraded 1 level up. I personally like this change because I'm not fond of the cards shuffling in the original games, it makes me dizzy.
- Ambush. You will need to progress to the game before you unlock this but once you unlock this, it will guarantee a preemptive strike or "SEES Advantage" during battles whether you attack the shadows in the front or back. You can also upgrade your ambush by buying URLs in the Net Shop or the guy in the club. A neat addition in my opinion. It makes preemptive strikes easier to do.

They also made changes to how Social Link works with people that the protagonist can romance. You are not forced to enter a romantic relationship with them in order to max their Social Link anymore. Also, technically not a Social Link, but you can now hangout with your team members at the dorm. You can cook, tend plants, watch TV, and read books with them. They also award you with social stat increase and some useful items. I personally like this addition as it adds more character depth and development between the SEES members.

I might have missed some other new gameplay mechanics but this is what I remembered on top of my head. Overall, 9/10


Story is pretty much the same as the original, but they added some scenes that added more context and character depth like Strega scenes and Takaya scenes. I'll not expound further in this as it is spoiler territory, but I personally love these scenes.

As stated by Atlus themselves, the game doesn't include "The Answer" part of the story, first introduced in FES. It also doesn't include FeMC and her unique Social Link characters. If you don't want that, then avoid playing this game. But personally, I don't mind and I still like that they made it faithful to the original Persona 3. 10/10


There is a New Game Plus available on this game, meaning your clear save data can carry over to your next new game. This is useful for people who want to try the game again to experience new dialogue options normally not accessible due to lack of social stat points, try to romance a different Social Link, or to just complete the achievements that they missed on their first playthrough. But story-wise, there is not much worth replaying the game as it has only two endings that I know off. One is the good ending and one is the bad ending where you kill Ryoji and the game will end prematurely. 8/10

Man, overall I love this game and Atlus made a good remake to satisfy this Persona 3 fan. If you're a fan of Persona especially Persona 3 and don't mind the missing "The Answer" or FeMC, or if you're new to Persona in general and a JRPG fan, I highly recommend playing this game. 9/10


A great remake of a classic game. While there is some missing content like the female mc and the answer it more than makes up for it by adding fully voice acted social link interactions. The game is also looks amazing and feels very alive.


Not a huge fan of the series, but this was a lot of fun. Hopefully, they remake P4 next. Who knows? Either way, a good game to try out if you've ever been interested. I liked the shadow or persona system a lot and Tartarus was an interesting grind to the top floor.


*Spoiler Free Review.* Like a lot of new players, I became of fan of Persona playing 5, and I loved that game so much I probably played it through 10 plus times now. I always heard so many good things about persona 3, I played 4 on steam but when I emulated three, it was too dated and I didn't give it a chance. This remake is absolutely fantastic, the music is outstanding, and the story was phenomenal. I see why this game gets so much praise, the later persona games are great but this is on a whole other level. I don't think I could recommend an experience more. I would say it is well worth the 70 dollars if you have the time to sit and play it. I did everything I could and it took me about 80 hours.