Super Taco Crew

Super Taco Crew
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Release date
30 September 2021
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96 (51 votes)

A Fox Thief Survives in a Dark City

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- Art Style -

🔲 "MS Paint"
🔲 Bad
🔲 Meh
☑️Pretty Good
Characters feel stiff at times, other than that it's pretty nice.

- Game Length -
☑️ Serviceable (2-4 hours)
🔲 Decent (5-8 hours)
🔲 Long (9-12 hours)
The game could've seriously used more time to flesh out other characters, but It's just okay and serviceable as is.


🔲Not special
Some tracks are better than others.


🔲 This game has no story
☑️ It's not horrible, but not bad; just serviceable
🔲It's there for the people who want it
🔲Well written
🔲 Epic story( Gonna be best story game in your life you've ever played)
The story in the first half is kinda bad, but it picks up half way through. Although, If you're coming for a super high quality, in depth story, this isn't it.


🔲 Under-priced
☑️ Perfect price
🔲Could be cheaper (wait for sale)
🔲Overpriced (wait for sale)
🔲Complete waste of money
I don't think this game ever goes on sale, but I could be wrong.


☑️ You can run it on a microwave
🔲 Average
🔲 High end
🔲 "NASA" computer
Well, its a VN, so it runs fine on basically anything.

- FUN -

🔲 I'd rather watch paint dry
🔲 Hard to enjoy
🔲 Repetitive
☑️ Actually pretty amusing
🔲 Ride of your life
It can be pretty entertaining, if you set your expectations correctly and use at most, 50% of your brain.


🔲 It's a one - time experience
🔲 Only for achievements
☑️If you wait a few months / years
🔲 Infinitely repayable
I don't see any reason in coming back and replaying this game. It's only really viable if you forget the most, if not the entire story. TO MY KNOWLEDGE, there's only 2 endings. Its pretty obvious which decision it is when you get to it, so its not hard to get either endings. Most choices don't have too much of an impact in the long run.


🔲 No
🔲 Wait for sale
🔲 Buy it! Right Now, you will not regret.
If you're coming here for an super in depth story, then you've come to the wrong place. But, the story that it does have, is a neat ride if you just ignore issues and try your best to actually enjoy it.

- Conclusion -
If you don't have an interest in furries, then I wouldn't recommend it. It's a big part of what carries this game. However, if you like furries (and boy-kissing), then I'd recommend it. It's far from the greatest VN, but its a nice little pickup. It's a fun (despite the issues) few hours of game-play. While, it doesn't offer too much, its still a fun way too pass the time. Also, the game has pretty much NOTHING to do with the Taco Crew, so I don't know why that's the name of the game.

Chaos Mine
Chaos Mine

This game's title is "Super Taco Crew" but it really doesn't about the taco crew much. The story goes off rails a bit in the second half but I still enjoyed it in the end. Hopefully the creator of the game can expand more if there's more projects in the future.


Pretty short in my opinion, but not bad at all. I don't know if it's possible to date the other characters, but it would make sense since Edgar has the choices to ignore James' help or not tell him about Edgar's current situation.

I wonder if the good ending is still obtained by saving James even if Edgar chooses the negative choices, or if it is possible to date others, you have to save them instead?


I'm a really fast reader, so don't mind the time I put into this haha! I really enjoyed this visual novel. It had a lot of heart put into it and was adorable. The art is fantastic, as well as the writing and music. The whole VN had such a wonderful vibe to it, and is definitely worth playing through.


really liked this game, the art was nice and definitely my favorite aspect! ngl i listened to my own music so i won't say anything abt the music LOL but ya. i can admit i wasn't a big fan of the pacing or the fact that 99% of the choices rlly don't have any affect, but still had a nice time. also was a little disappointed in the fact that only one character route is available but also i love james and he's so find so IDC! wish we could spend time with other characters too but like i said, so in love with james so... ya. plus not every VN has to be a pick your romance sim so


Saw it on sale and decided to give it a look. The artwork has a pleasant style, the music is enjoyable, but the story itself has a few issues that prevented me from really enjoying it. Warning: while I'll try to avoid spoiling too much, I can't discuss parts of the plot without some spoilers.

First, lets look at the playtime. Took me about 2 and a half hours to read through it the first time, then another half hour to check out the alternate choices I could have made. Obviously, this is heavily dependent on your reading speed, but I'd call the story short overall. Whether that's a good thing or not is up to you.

Second, the choices. There are a lot of choices to make throughout the storyline, but basically none of them mean anything (one exception, discussed later). Remember how it only took me half an hour to see them all? It's because there weren't any significant changes between them. Maybe a paragraph of dialogue, then right back to the same linear path. It gives the illusion of choice, but the story is very much linear. There are technically two endings, a good ending and a bad ending, but the bad ending basically kills you as soon as you select it so you know immediately which choice to go back to (and it literally says the main character's dying thoughts are him regretting not making that choice, because obviously we're never going to figure out that we should change it otherwise).

Third, the lack of consequences. Every action has a reaction. If we read that a character commits a crime, and is a known criminal, we expect there to be legal consequences. If we read that a character breaks a bone, or every bone in their chest, we expect this character to have some trouble moving until they're healed. If the law enforcement can automate scanning people's faces and checking if they have a criminal history, we expect people with criminal histories to have difficulty moving in public. But all of these expectations are thrown out the window. You can have Edgar (the main character) vandalize windows and destroy other people's expensive robots, and there are no repercussions for any of it. Maybe the excuse is there weren't any witnesses, but both of those were acts of revenge and Edgar should be suspect number one in both cases. Next, Edgar is severely beaten to unconsciousness in chapter 8, to the point where he was coughing up blood and could hear his ribs cracking as he was struck, and yet the instant he wakes up he's agile enough to escape his jail cell by ducking around the guard who entered the cell to beat him a second time and steals his keys (Couldn't he have just done that the first time instead of tricking the guard into beating him up?). And finally, Edgar ends the story as a known criminal, with some serious crimes that likely lead to quite a few deaths (looking at you, prison escape story). Up to the story's end, the police were likely busy with the end of the world so wouldn't bother hunting him down, but afterwards why is he just casually walking around town with his boyfriend? The early story made a point of telling us that the police could automatically scan faces against criminal databases, and Edgar spent a lot of chapter 8 in a prison. They definitely have his face - not to mention, chapter 8 also specifies Edgar is in the system for crimes in his childhood.

Plot convenience: A lot happens that happens only because the plot needs it. For example, Edgar gets kidnapped in chapter 6, but there is zero reason for the criminal group to take him alive, they just want something he has (and they do take it from him before bringing him into their base, so they no longer need him). They don't even question him, they just bring him to the one place he could derail their plans and tie him up so they can kill him later. Not to mention, he wasn't their only captive. The other was captured earlier, and once again should have been killed. Admittedly, this one is somewhat justified as leaving his body or bloodstains behind might have alerted Edgar, but once this captive was away from where Edgar would be he should have been instantly disposed of. Interestingly, they did decide to dispose of him once Edgar had gotten to see him, so it's pretty clear it happened just for the plot. There were a few other times where I was just left confused as to why things were able to happen the way they did, and annoyingly many of them could have been easily fixed as well. The one I brought up would probably be the hardest to fix, but I'm sure there's a way. Maybe if Edgar ran away after being shot at the first time, and the bad guys abduct the other guy to force Edgar to turn himself over to them? Doesn't fix him being left alive, but maybe they were scared he had somehow sabotaged the item they were after and wanted to keep him around just in case it stopped working later.

Earlier I mentioned I would discuss the choice that actually matters to the story, and isn't the good/bad ending choice. This is a pretty major spoiler, so really don't read it if you intend to buy the game. The choice I'm talking about is the one that lets Edgar save his mother's life. He can pull a knife on a doctor and force him to cure her. I said earlier that this choice matters, and it does kind of alter the story, but even this change doesn't really get to change anything. It just gives us a confirmation and indicates that Edgar may go looking for her in the future. That's the most any of the choices get to influence the story, and it doesn't even relate to the part of the story we are actually reading.

Overall I can't really recommend it for most people. If you aren't bothered by the kinds of issues I brought up, then it's a decent read. It does go on sale on occasion, so if you're determined to get it wait for that.


haha im gonna meet some james dude at a taco place surely he cant be that h- *jaw drops to floor, eyes pop out of sockets accompanied by trumpets, heart beats out of chest, awooga awooga sound effect, pulls chain on train whistle that has appeared next to head as steam blows out, slams fists on table, rattling any plates, bowls or silverware, whistles loudly, fireworks shoot from top of head, pants loudly as tongue hangs out of mouth, wipes comically large bead of sweat from forehead, clears throat, straightens tie, combs hair* NOW THIS IS A BABE!


Super Taco Crew is a gay, furry, cyberpunk, heist, adventure VN. It tells the story of Edgar, a former thief, trying to live his best life, and failing. When things don't go well for him one day, he decides to don the black mask one more time and pull off a quick heist in order to make some quick cash. Sadly, this last heist plunges him into a dangerous conspiracy.

The story itself is rather slow in the first half, focusing more on Edgar and his relationships with his friends. It feels like, in these moments, that the story wanted to have more emphasis on routes, nurturing the usual VN romantic element. The second half goes into overdrive though, the pacing becoming breakneck with the main story taking full lead above all other elements. Because of this, your choices feel more about Edgar than they do the relationships. In other words, you're in this for a cyberpunk heist adventure over romantic elements, though there are baked into the main story element.

And it's a fun main story too. I was hooked around chapter four, and happily read through the rest of it in a day. The character art and BGs both brought the world to life, and were bright and colorful to look at. I won't judge the artstyle itself since art is subjective and everyone has a different outlook on it. Though, if you're wanting more than furry mammals, you might find that area lacking. There's some dragons and a bird character, but the majority of the cast is of the furry type. Not as many scales or feathers. Luckily, species isn't a major element in the story and doesn't detract from the main story.

Gameplay? Well... it's a pure VN. Read the story, choose a few choices, and you get to see an ending based off the choices you made. This will make for some decent replay value if you want to try and find alternate ending(s?) or see alternative dialogue.

Lastly, for those wanting more of a less spicy experience, you can select a version without the NSFW content when you start a new game.

Overall, I enjoyed my time with Super Taco Crew. For $5 USD, you get a nice cyberpunk adventure with some gay and furry, to boot. Recommended.


Been waiting for the release on Steam once I saw it was releasing today. Just finished and the game overall was really good. There were a lot of choices that I don't know will make an impact which in my opinion seems sort of extra and made me save at every seemingly important choice. Really liked the story and romance between Edgar and James. I wish there was more screen time of Edgar and James being a couple like how it was in the end. Overall, an amazing game and would recommend.


It was very worth it to buy this game! I'm not really good at words, so i'm just going to say that i really loved this game and i would even play again one day. If you want you can play the demo right here:

January Frostbite
January Frostbite

Super worth! I found this game by accident and today I just finished playing it and 10/10 would replay it. The art style was phenomenal! and I love seeing Edgar and James together. Story wise, it was amazing even though it was short for a chapter anyway the game is really worth and one of the best nv's I have played.


Love it ^^ Bittersweet, would be pretty cool if there's a sequel c: Wish there's more vns like this on steam ^^ Just found this by chance while checking out visual novel games to play on steam, I love the story and the music, it's pretty short for chapters wise but it sure did got me interested to know what happens next in the next chapters.


love the story and extra scenes


I've waited a year to be able to play the full completed version, and was hardly dissapointed. It kept true to my expectations even as it threw new twists and turns. I feel like it could have been more, but that is always a normal reaction. No, its perfect the way it is. I do wish for some form of continuation, whether in a comic or written form, as I imagine making a VN just for various skits to be too much work. Only time will tell. I thank you Decker and the rest of the Staff who worked on this! It was really tasty!


This vn was honestly a really fun trip to read through
Big ups to the writing, wether you play the nsfw version or not this seems like a genuine fun read
The thing that impressed me a lot is the amazing soundtrack and art this game has. fully illustraited backgrounds/scenes of this cyberpunk esk city scape felt like rewards for reading through it, and the music really helps inject life and weight into the scenes instead of just being filling for dead air
if your'e gay, and or a furry with a few bucks and you want a good story this is it


OMG, this novel is AWESOME! i saw it on itch io. gosh, i like this game, developers, you made a cool project with incredible arts and soundtrack! this game is not popular, i don't understand why, but it deserves to spend time on this novel! don't give up, developers, i love you

A Big Bear
A Big Bear

I'm not the most descriptive reviewer, but I had a fantastic time reading through this VN! I loved the characters, story, and cyberpunk setting and am looking forward to whatever projects they might release next!

Captain Trash
Captain Trash

This was super nice, love the artwork and the characters. The story and went in wild directions and it's really fun. Definitely reccommend this vn, loved it a lot


This was a really great visual novel! So glad i got it! I played through the entire thing in two sittings. Took about 6 hours in total. Haven't tried out all the optional choices made through it, so i don't know if there are more than 2 endings. I got one that seemed kinda bad, and one really nice and happy one^^,

Just, again, what an awesome story! I can totally recommend this game to anyone who's wondering if they should get it or not!

Also the music is amazing! I wonder if there is a soundtrack i can get somewhere.


Cute, good story. There were a handful of choices to make throughout the game, but not sure how big of a difference they really made. Edgar is cute if you stick with the good/fun answers, and not the self-loathing grumpy answers.
Adult mode was included with the game and does not need a separate DLC to turn on/off which is always a good bonus.


It's a short and good story, totally worth the price and time.
Have in mind this game is furry and male gay. The music & the story are great, honestly it was better than expected and that was a good surprise to have.